reviews vinyasa yoga

<<Erg fijne lessen, altijd weer wat anders, maar altijd top! Goed begin van de dag!>>

<<Definitely one of my favorite classes! Although I’m still new to Yoga I have been able to learn a lot and at the same time enjoy the process. Nanda is a great teacher- She brings positive energy in her class and her instructions are easy to follow. I also like the fact that she alters the poses every time, aking her classes more fun nd less repetitive 😀 <3 >>

<<Nanda is one of my favorite teachers 😊 Good variation in lessons and postures. She explains every posture very clear and guides you along the way. I’m always relaxed after a lesson and full of energy.>>

<<Best start to begin your week!>>

<<Uitstekende yogadocente!!>>

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